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In contradistinction to the Gospel of Christ, the gospel of Satan teaches salvation by works.

    Topics: Satan, Salvation

Satan is not an initiator but an imitator.

    Topics: Satan

Satan is the arch-counterfeiter.

    Topics: Satan

The gospel of Satan announces salvation by character, which reverses the order of God's Word--character by, as the fruit of, salvation.

    Topics: Satan, Salvation

What is God's remedy for dejection at apparent failure in our labours? This - the assurance that God's purpose cannot fail, that God's plans cannot miscarry, that God's will must be done. Our labours are not intended to bring about that which God has not decreed.

    Topics: Service, Failure

Every Christian will readily allow that sin is insidious, but it is one thing to recognize this in theory and quite another to be regulated by it in practice.

    Topics: Sin

Sin is more than an act or a series of acts; it is a man's make-up.

    Topics: Sin

Gospellers have much to say about what Christ's death accomplished for those who believe in Him, but very little is said about what that Death accomplished Godwards. The fact is that the death of Christ glorified God if never a single sinner had been saved by virtue of it.

    Topics: The Cross

Unbelief, and a thousand evils, are still in our hearts: though their reign and dominion is at an end, they are not slain or eradicated; their efforts will be felt more or less sensibly, as the Lord is pleased more or less to afford or abate His gracious influence.

    Topics: The Heart, Unbelief

Troubled soul, the "much tribulation" will soon be over, and as you enter the "kingdom of God" you shall then see, no longer "through a glass darkly" but in the unshadowed sunlight of the Divine presence, that "all things" did "work together" for your personal and eternal good.

    Topics: Tribulation

Nothing is too great and nothing is too small to commit into the hands of the Lord.

    Topics: Trust

The truth of God may well be likened to a narrow path skirted on either side by a dangerous and destructive precipice: in other words, it lies between two gulfs of error.

    Topics: Truth

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