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Alexander Whyte Quotes

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       Alexander Whyte
       Alexander Whyte was a Scottish preacher, with a passion for the lost. He was born at Kirriemuir in Forfarshire and educated at the University of Aberdeen and at New College, Edinburgh.
       He entered the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland and after serving as colleague in Free St John's, Glasgow (1866-1870), removed to Edinburgh as colleague and successor to Dr RS Candlish at Free St Georges. In 1909 he succeeded Dr Marcus Dods as principal, and professor of New Testament literature, at New College, Edinburgh.
       He will always be remembered for his preaching for no ruler has held his subjects more captive than Alexander Whyte did from his pulpit.
       After suffering a heart attack followed by several minor attacks, Whyte resigned his post and retired to Buckinghamshire. There he devoted the remainder of his life to reading and writing. He died January 6, 1921 in his sleep.

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And as grace is free, so is it sure. Nothing can change, or alter, or turn away sovereign grace.

    Topics: Grace

Grace, then, is grace,--that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure, it is unconditional, and it is everlasting.

    Topics: Grace

But grace has only one direction that it can take. Grace always flows down.

    Topics: Grace

And then, what is grace? Grace is love. But grace is not love simply, and purely, and alone. Grace and love are, in their innermost essence, one and the same thing.

    Topics: Grace, Love

Only once did God choose a completely sinless preacher.

    Topics: Jesus, Preaching

Prayer worth calling prayer, prayer that God will call true prayer and will treat as true prayer, takes for more time by the clock than one man in a thousand thinks.

    Topics: Prayer

The greatest and best talent that God gives to any man or woman in this world is the talent of prayer.

    Topics: Prayer

I am as certain as I am standing here, that the secret of much mischief to our own souls, and to the souls of others, lies in the way that we stint, and starve, and scamp our prayers, by hurrying over them.

    Topics: Prayer

Prayer is the only way to amend your life: and without prayer, it will never be mended.

    Topics: Prayer

No prayer!--No faith!--No Christ in the heart. Little prayer!--Little faith!--Little Christ in the heart. Increasing prayer!--Increasing faith!--Increasing Christ in the heart!. Much prayer!--Much faith!--Much Christ in the heart! Praying always!--Faith always!--Christ always!

    Topics: Prayer

Every kind of prayer, not intercessory prayer only, which is the highest kind of prayer, but all prayer, from the lowest kind to the highest, is impossible in a life of known and allowed sin.

    Topics: Prayer, Intercession

No man's prayer is acceptable with God whose life is not well pleasing before God.

    Topics: Prayer, Life

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