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We are drifting toward a religion which consciously or unconsciously has its eye on humanity rather than on deity.

    Topics: Religion

The protestant martyrs and their monuments testify to the fact that they died, not on account of ecclesial differences, but because the issue was the way of salvation.

    Topics: Salvation

There is an old joke that went around - it goes, in the beginning God made man in His own image, and since the fall, man has been seeking to return the compliment.

    Topics: Self-love

There is little doubt that the effective ministry of the Word today continues to be significantly undergirded by men and women who find great fulfillment in the supportive role entrusted to them by our heavenly Father.

    Topics: Service

Withhold no part of the precious truth, but speak what you know and declare what you have seen. Do not allow the toil or darkness or possible unbelief of your friends to dissuade you. Let us rise and march to the place of duty, and there declare what great things God has shown to our soul.

    Topics: Truth, Witnessing

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