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Do not look to your hope, but to Christ, the source of your hope.

    Topics: Self-righteousness, Hope

God will not go forth with that man who marches in his own strength.

    Topics: Self-righteousness

Serve God by doing common actions in a heavenly spirit, and then, if your daily calling only leaves you cracks and crevices of time, fill them up with holy service.

    Topics: Service, Time

If Christ has died for me - ungodly as I am, without strength as I am - then I can no longer live in sin, but must arouse myself to love and serve Him who has redeemed me. I cannot trifle with the evil that killed my best Friend. I must be holy for his sake. How can I live in sin when He has died to save me from it?

    Topics: Service, Holiness

If we give God service it must be because He gives us grace. We work for Him because He works in us.

    Topics: Service
    Source: The Treasury of David, Commentary for Psalm 119:17.

As the salt flavors every drop in the Atlantic, so does sin affect every atom of our nature. It is so sadly there, so abundantly there, that if you cannot detect it, you are deceived.

    Topics: Sin, Deception

I believe that gluttony is as much a sin in the sight of God as drunkenness.

    Topics: Sin
    Source: Sermons, 59.134, 135.

I must confess that I never realize Christ's preciousness so much as when I feel myself still to be, apart from Him, an undeserving, hell-deserving sinner.

    Topics: Sin

If I had a brother who had been murdered, what would you think of me if I...daily consorted with the assassin who drove the dagger into my brother's heart; surely I too must be an accomplice in the crime. Sin murdered Christ; will you be a friend to it? Sin pierced the heart of the Incarnate God; can you love it?"

    Topics: Sin, Murder

If there be a man before me who says that the wrath of God is too heavy a punishment for his little sin, I ask him, if the sin be little, why does he not give it up?

    Topics: Sin

If you will not have death unto sin, you shall have sin unto death. There is no alternative. If you do not die to sin, you shall die for sin. If you do not slay sin, sin will slay you.

    Topics: Sin
    Source: Sermons, 15.419.

Our prayers have stains in them, our faith is mixed with unbelief, our repentance is not so tender as it should be, our communion is distant and interrupted. We cannot pray without sinning, and there is filth even in our tears.

    Topics: Sin
    Source: Sermons, 11.135.

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