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Without Christ, not one step; with Him, anywhere!

    Author: David Livingstone

The historicity of Christ is as axiomatic for an unbiased historian as the historicity of Julius Caesar.
- F. F. Bruce

    Author: Assorted Authors

Division has done more to hide Christ from the view of men than all the infidelity that has ever been spoken.

    Author: George Macdonald

George Mueller, nothing. The Lord Jesus, everything. In himself worse than nothing. By grace, in Christ, the son of the King.

    Author: George Mueller

Will power does not change men. Time does not change men. Christ does.

    Author: Henry Drummond

The Self-Existent comes into being, the Uncreated is created, that which cannot be contained is contained.
- Gregory Nazianzen

    Author: Assorted Authors

Upon a life I did not live, upon a death I did not die; anothers life, anothers death, I stake my whole eternity.

    Author: Horatius Bonar

Live in Christ, live in Christ, and the flesh need not fear death.
- John Knox

    Author: Assorted Authors

Christ is wont to catch every man in the way of his own craft - magicians with a star, fishers with a fish.

    Author: John Chrysostom

As the Father useth this expression I AM, so also doth Christ, for it signifieth continuous being, irrespective of all time.

    Author: John Chrysostom

Christ is the desire of nations, the joy of angels, the delight of the Father. What solace then must that soul be filled with, that has the possession of Him to all eternity!

    Author: John Bunyan

The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid.

    Author: Martin Luther

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