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The first thing I ask is that people should not make use of my name, and should not call themselves Lutherans but Christians. What is Luther? The teaching is not mine. Nor was I crucified for anyone. How did I, poor stinking bag of maggots that I am, come to the point where people call the children of Christ by my evil name?

    Author: Martin Luther

A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none. A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject of all, subject to all.

    Author: Martin Luther

The saints are God's jewels, highly esteemed by and dear to him; they are a royal diadem in his hand.

    Author: Matthew Henry

The only right a Christian has is the right to give up his rights.

    Author: Oswald Chambers

Trees have their seasons at certain times of the year when they bring forth fruit; but a Christian is for all seasons.
- Ralph Brownrig

    Author: Assorted Authors

I do not want the walls of separation between different orders of Christians to be destroyed, but only lowered, that we may shake hands a little easier over them.
- Rowland Hill

    Author: Assorted Authors

The union of Christians to Christ, their common head, and by means of the influence they derive from him, one to another, may be illustrated by the loadstone. It not only attracts the particles of iron to itself by the magnetic virtue, but by this virtue it unites them one to another.

    Author: Richard Cecil

Victory is the normal experience of a Christian; defeat should be the abnormal experience.

    Author: Watchman Nee

The note of hallelujah must never be in short supply in the spirit of the believer.

    Author: Watchman Nee

A Christian should know more about the operation of his spirit than about the activity of his mind.

    Author: Watchman Nee

A spiritual Christian should welcome any burden which the Lord brings his way.

    Author: Watchman Nee

Soulish Christians generally bend to certain directions. Most of them lean either towards emotion or towards reason.

    Author: Watchman Nee

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