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There are three kinds of faith in Christ: 1. Struggling faith, like a man in deep water desperately swimming. 2. Clinging faith, like a man hanging to the side of a boat. 3. Resting faith, like a man safely within the boat (and able to reach out with a hand to help someone else get in).

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Into every house where the blood was not sprinkled, the destroying angel came. But wherever the blood was on doorpost and lintel, whether they had worked much, or whether they had worked none, God passed them over.

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God will honor our faith.

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There is nothing on this earth that pleases Christ so much as faith.

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Faith is the foundation of all society. We have only to look around and see this.

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When I was converted twenty years ago I felt a faith in God; but five years after I had a hundred times more faith, and five years ago I had more than eve; because I became better acquainted with Him. I have read up the Word, and I see that the Lord has done so and so, and then I have turned to where He has promised to perform it, and when I see this I have reason to believe in Him.

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There is no man living that can do the work that God has got for me to do. No one can do it but myself. And if the work ain't done we will have to answer for it when we stand before God's bar.

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David was the last one we would have chosen to fight the giant, but he was chosen of God.

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I believe the family was established long before the church, and my duty is to my family first. I am not to neglect my family.

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If you say "I will fast when God lays it on my heart," you never will. You are too cold and indifferent to take the yoke upon you.

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Forgiveness is not that stripe which says, "I will forgive, but not forget." It is not to bury the hatchet with the handle sticking out of the ground, so you can grasp it the minute you want it.

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    Source: Christian History, n. 25.

The voice of sin is loud, but the voice of forgiveness is louder.

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