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Duane Chapman Quotes

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       Duane Chapman
       Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman is an American bounty hunter and a former bail bondsman. He stars in Dog the Bounty Hunter, a weekly reality television program.
       Considered the greatest bounty hunter in the world, Duane "Dog" Chapman has made more than 6,000 captures in his 27-year career. This highly intense, charismatic ex-con and born-again Christian is the king of the comebacks. This modern-day hero once served time in a Texas prison. "I am what rehabilitation stands for," Dog says.
       Now on the right side of the law, Dog is tireless in his efforts to bring in the bad guys and encourage them to turn their lives around. Being an ex-con, he understood the difficulties faced after prison and so not only he helps capture the felons but makes a serious effort to rehabilitate them.

He robs anyone on Christmas--he deserves double the sentence.

    Topics: Christmas

I was ignorant. Stupid. Unlearned. I usually get taught lessons the hard way, because God wants me to remember.

    Topics: Discipline

It's just like being a father; you got to show them love and you got to show them the path. I don't like this role-model stuff, though. Jimmy Swaggart was my role model and he got caught buying whores twice. So don't look at me as a role model.

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What I had was heart and faith and I said I'm going to do this for every convict alive and I'm going to make sure the world knows just because we fell one time doesn't mean we can't get up and let our light shine.

    Topics: Faith, Perseverance

I say to all fathers--be as good as you can be--because your sons and daughters will follow in your footsteps.

    Topics: Fathers

When you break someone down--make sure you always raise them up higher than they were before.

    Topics: Friendship

There's hope--a miracle happened to me.

    Topics: Hope, Miracles

A lot of times in life we're all looking for that second chance. The kids I met tonight--who I'm representing have not even had their first chance. Some of these kids--I don't know how in the world they can do it without a mother or a father. What would I have done without my mother?

    Topics: Life, Parents

If you love them and their addicted--you've got to do something about it. You have to show them tough love.

    Topics: Love

When mercy is shown--mercy is given.

    Topics: Mercy

Your mind is torn between love and righteousness, then honey go righteousness and God will bless you back.

    Topics: Righteousness

You know God gives me that inner strength that super strength to get through things.

    Topics: Strength

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