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If there were no gratified hearers of ill reports, there would be an end of the trade of spreading them.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: The Treasury of David, Psalm 15.

The best way to deal with slander is to pray about it: God will either remove it, or remove the sting from it. Our own attempts at clearing ourselves are usually failures; we are like the boy who wished to remove the blot from his copy, and by his bungling made it ten times worse.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: The Treasury of David, Commentary for Psalm 119:20.

The joyless Christian reveals himself by having negative thoughts and talk about others, in a lack of concern for others welfare, and a failure to intercede on others behalf. Joyless believers are self-centered, selfish, proud, and often vengeful and their self-centeredness inevitably manifests itself in prayerlessness.

    Author: John MacArthur

It is a sign of a perverse and treacherous disposition to wound the good name of another, when he has no opportunity of defending himself.

    Author: John Calvin

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