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Hosea Ballou Quotes

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Energy, like the biblical grain of the mustard-seed, will remove mountains.

    Topics: Perseverance

Preaching is to much avail, but practice is far more effective. A godly life is the strongest argument you can offer the skeptic.

    Topics: Preaching, Examples

It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so.

    Topics: Reasoning, Beauty

Theories are always very thin and insubstantial, experience only is tangible.

    Topics: Reasoning

Religion which requires persecution to sustain, it is of the devil's propagation.

    Topics: Religion

There is one inevitable criterion of judgment touching religious faith. Can you reduce it to practice? If not, have none of it.

    Topics: Religion

Brevity and conciseness are the parents of correction.

    Topics: Truth

Doubt is the incentive to truth and inquiry leads the way.

    Topics: Truth, Doubt

Error is always more busy than truth.

    Topics: Truth

Though ambition in itself is a vice, it often is also the parent of virtue.

    Topics: Virtue

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