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Jack Hyles Quotes

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Everything you declare with your lips will be tested in your life.

    Topics: The Tongue

I never had a trial I wanted to have, but I never had trial I wasn't glad I had.

    Topics: Trials

A tribulation gives you the opportunity to test a truth you have always believed.

    Topics: Tribulation

If you can't see His goodness, you can trust His goodness.

    Topics: Trust

If you hold the truth while you are in danger, the truth will hold you when you are in danger.

    Topics: Truth

I'd rather be right wrongly than wrong rightly.

    Topics: Truth

Nothing unites people as sharing the same affliction.

    Topics: Unity

On the essentials, unity. On the nonessentials, liberty. In everything, charity.

    Topics: Unity, Liberty, Charity

The victory comes not to the one who is the most talented but to the one who labors more abundantly than them all.

    Topics: Victory

There is no victory in the world any more shallow than victory over another.

    Topics: Victory

It is not easy to lose, but often more is won in loss than victory.

    Topics: Victory

The war is not won on the battlefield; it is won in the boot camp.

    Topics: War

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