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John Chrysostom Quotes

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When one is required to preside over the Church, and be entrusted with the care of so many souls, the whole female sex must retire before the magnitude of the task, and the majority of men also.

    Topics: Service

Such is the way with sinners. Everything excites their suspicion; they quake at every shadow; they start at every noise; they look upon every man as an enemy.

    Topics: Sin, Enemies

Do you seek any further reward beyond that of having pleased God? In truth, you know not how great a good it is to please Him.

    Topics: Success, Rewards

I know my own soul, how feeble and puny it is: I know the magnitude of this ministry, and the great difficulty of the work; for more stormy billows vex the soul of the priest than the gales which disturb the sea.

    Topics: Suffering

If there were no tribulation, there would be no rest; if there were no winter, there would be no summer.

    Topics: Suffering, Rest, Tribulation

By the cross we know the gravity of sin and the greatness of God's love toward us.

    Topics: The Cross

It is a shame for a man to desire honor only because of his noble progenitors, and not to deserve it by his own virtue.

    Topics: Virtue

Nothing is more fallacious than wealth. It is a hostile comrade, a domestic enemy.

    Topics: Wealth

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