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A righteous identity must issue in righteous behavior. Such behavior is the outward manifestation of the inward transformation, and it is the only sure proof that such transformation has taken place.

    Topics: Righteousness, Conversion

Once a congregation sees Scripture as less than the final, complete, infallible authority for faith and practice, it has opened the doors to theological chaos. Anyone can claim to be speaking God's revelation - and almost anything can be passed off as divinely revealed truth.

    Topics: Scripture

The task of hermeneutics is to discover the meaning of the text in its proper setting; to draw meaning from Scripture rather than reading one's presuppositions into it.

    Topics: Scripture

No matter where it ends, sin always begins when an evil thought is sown in the mind and heart.

    Topics: Sin

We do not sin simply because of Satan or because of social deprivation, stressful situations, bad influences, or any other external cause. Those things may tempt us to sin and make sinning easier, but when we commit sin - or even intend to commit sin - it is because we decide to sin. Sin is an act of the will.

    Topics: Sin

The question in salvation is not whether Jesus is Lord, but whether we are submissive to His lordship.

    Topics: Submission

Worldliness is any preoccupation with or interest in the temporal system of life that places anything perishable before that which is eternal.

    Topics: Worldliness

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