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John Selden Quotes

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       John Selden
       John Selden was an English jurist, scholar of England's ancient laws and constitution and scholar of Jewish law. He was known as a polymath showing true intellectual depth and breadth; John Milton hailed Selden in 1644 as "the chief of learned men reputed in this land."
       He joined in the protestation of the Commons for the maintenance of the Protestant religion according to the doctrines of the Church of England, the authority of the crown, and the liberty of the subject.
       Selden arrived at an Erastian position in church politics. He also believed in free will, which was inconsistent with Calvinism.

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In quoting of books, quote such authors as are usually read; others you may read for your own satisfaction, but not name them.

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Never tell your resolution beforehand.

    Topics: Character

Old friends are best. King James used to call for his old shoes; they were the easiest for his feet.

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As in the candle I know there is both light and heat, but put out the candle, and they are both gone.

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A king is a thing men have made for their own sakes, for quietness sake. Just as in a family one man is appointed to buy the meat.

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They that govern most make least noise. In rowing a barge, they that do drudgery work, slash, puff, and sweat; but he that governs, sits quietly at the stern, and scarce is seen to stir.

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It is not juggling that is to be blamed, but much juggling; for the world cannot be governed without it.

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Ignorance of the law excuses no man; not that all men know the law, but because it is an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to confute him.

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Equity is a roguish thing. For law we have a measure, and know what to trust to; equity is according to the conscience of him that is chancellor, and as that is larger or narrower, so is equity. It is all one as if they should make the standard for the measure we call a foot, a chancellor's foot. What an uncertain measure would this be! One chancellor has a long foot; another, a short foot; a third, an indifferent foot. It is the same thing with the chancellor's conscience.

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Equity in law is the same that the spirit is in religion, what every one pleases to make it: sometimes they go according to conscience, sometimes according to law, sometimes according to the rule of court.

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No man is the wiser for his learning; it may administer matter to work in, or objects to work upon; but wit and wisdom are born with a man.

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Of all actions of a man's life, his marriage does least concern other people, yet of all actions of our life tis most meddled with by other people.

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