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Pain Quotes

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Dear Lord, in all our loneliest pains Thou hast the largest share and that which is unbearable,'Tis Thine, not ours, to bear.

    Author: Frederick W. Faber

Pain is a kindly, hopeful thing, a certain proof of life, a clear assurance that all is not yet over, that there is still a chance. But if your heart has no pain -- well, that may betoken health, as you suppose: but are you certain that it does not mean that your soul is dead?

    Author: A.J. Gossip

I am certain that I never did grow in grace one-half so much anywhere as I have upon the bed of pain.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: Christian History, n. 29.

I don't so much pray that my death will be without pain, but that it will be without doubt.

    Author: John Piper

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