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Theodore Epp Quotes

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       Theodore Epp
       Theodore H. Epp was an American Christian clergyman, writer, and a radio evangelist. Epp was the founding director and speaker of the Back to the Bible broadcasts between 1939-1985, heard worldwide on eight hundred stations in eight languages.
       He started his ministry as a pastor and radio preacher in Goltry, Oklahoma and then relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he established the Back to the Bible radio program. It was first broadcast May 1, 1939, on a local station and was eventually syndicated as a daily, 30-minute program to more than 800 radio stations worldwide by the time of his retirement in 1985.
       Under Epp's direction, the broadcasts were also noted for music by the Back to the Bible Choir and quartet. Several popular recordings were made by the choir in the 1940s and 1950s. Back to the Bible also had a weekly youth program, featuring a youth choir and serialized adventures with a Christian theme. Both the music and youth program have since been discontinued. Epp wrote nearly 70 books and magazine articles.

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It is a shame for a person to have been a Christian for years but not to have advanced beyond the knowledge of his salvation.

    Topics: Christians, Apathy

No believer lives a spiritually isolated life.

    Topics: Christians

Bible-believing churches and pastors could well apply this principle of pointing out faults without offending. We need to be careful that we do not let a carnal spirit divide us and hurt us so the Lord finds it difficult to use us.

    Topics: Church, Carnality

The new life is life "in Christ".

    Topics: Conversion

When God forgives, He at once restores.

    Topics: Forgiveness, Restoration

Perhaps we have been guilty of speaking against someone and have not realized how it may have hurt them. Then when someone speaks against us, we suddenly realize how deeply such words hurt, and we become sensitive to what we have done.

    Topics: Gossip

Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow.

    Topics: Holiness

We must desire to be separated unto the Lord from the world and its evil system. We must reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. This is true positionally, but it can be made true in our spiritual life only as we yield to the Holy Spirit's control.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Surrender

The lesson for each believer is to humble himself, not to wait for the Lord to humble him.

    Topics: Humility

If you have been mistreated, cheated or deceived and if your heart has been right all along, be assured that God knows this. God will eventually vindicate you, but in the meantime you should be confidently aware that God knows the truth concerning what has happened to you. He knows if your heart has been right.

    Topics: Justice, The Heart

We are so easily entangled in earthly affairs and so easily consumed with the desire for those things that do not last. We will not live on this earth forever, so even our trials should be viewed in the light of eternity.

    Topics: Life, Eternity, Trials

Light reveals righteousness, and it also reveals sin.

    Topics: Light, Righteousness, Sin

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