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Thomas Adams Quotes

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The covetous man is like a camel with a great hunch on his back; heaven's gate must be made Higher and broader, or he will hardly get in.

    Topics: Jealousy

The covetous man pines in plenty, like Tantalus up to the chin in water, and yet thirsty.

    Topics: Jealousy

Beauty is like an almanack: if it lasts a year it is well.

    Topics: Life, Beauty

As God by creation made two of one, so again by marriage He made one of two.

    Topics: Marriage
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

No man more truly loves God than he that is most fearful to offend Him.

    Topics: Obedience

True obedience hath no lead at its heels.

    Topics: Obedience
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

The patient man is merry indeed.... The jailers that watch him are but his pages of honour, and his very dungeon but the lower side of the vault of heaven. He kisseth the wheel that must kill him; and thinks the stairs of the scaffold of his martyrdom but so many degrees of his ascent to glory. The tormentors are weary of him. the beholders have pitty on him, all men wonder at him; and while he seems below all men, below himself, he is above nature. He hath so overcome hlmself that nothing can conquer him.

    Topics: Patience

Even the tired horse, when he comes near home, mends pace: be good always, without weariness, but best at last; that the nearer thou comest to the end of thy days, the nearer thou mayest be to the end of thy hopes, the salvation of thy soul.

    Topics: Perseverance

Blessed be God, I not only begin praying when I kneel down, but I do not leave off praying when I rise up.

    Topics: Prayer

Pride thrust Nebuchadnezzar out of men's society, Saul out of his kingdom, Adam out of paradise, Haman out of court, and Lucifer out of heaven.

    Topics: Pride

Self-righteousness is the devil's masterpiece to make us think well of ourselves.

    Topics: Pride, Satan, Self-righteousness

That which a man spits against heaven, shall fall back on his own face.

    Topics: Rebellion

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