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The profit motive behind Planned Parenthood's involvement in making the morning-after pill [available over the counter] is something that needs to be seriously looked at and questioned.

    Topics: Health

It is naive to assume any over-the-counter scheme for the morning-after pill would be effective. Making the morning-after pill over-the-counter would only benefit those that profit from its increased sale, but the real price will be paid by women and girls who would suffer the health consequences.

    Topics: Ignorance, Health, Women

An 'unintended pregnancy' could be a wonderful surprise, not planned but welcome. Why should the government be in the business of 'preventing' a surprising but welcome pregnancy?

    Topics: Life, Health

There is not only a lack of success for condoms. It's worse than that -- they are utter failures.

    Topics: Lust, Morality

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