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William Thrasher Quotes

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       William Thrasher
       William Thrasher is a professor at Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School and is the author of many books.
       Thrasher received a BS from Auburn University (Auburn, AL) with highest honors. While at Auburn, he won several awards, including the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, given each year to a graduating student at select universities in recognition of scholarship, university involvement and community service, and the President’s Award from the School of Business at Auburn University. He was elected president of the School of Business and president pro tempore of the student senate at Auburn. Also while there, he worked for two years with Campus Crusade for Christ.
       Thrasher is a frequent speaker in churches and retreats across the country. He is active in the Spiritual Formation Forum, a nonprofit organization increasing and facilitating collaboration among leaders in Christian ministries worldwide who are committed to biblically defined and Holy Spirit energized spiritual formation within and through their ministries.

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The abstinence is not to be an end in itself but rather for the purpose of being separated to the Lord and to concentrate on godliness. This kind of fasting reduces the influence of our self-will and invites the Holy Spirit to do a more intense work in us.

    Topics: Godliness, Fasting

Dependence on the Spirit does not mean inactivity, but it does mean activating our faith before we activate our wills.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Faith

Meditation is simply talking to God about His Word with a desire that your life and those you pray for come into agreement with it.

    Topics: Meditation

Perseverance in prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance but rather laying hold of God's willingness. Our sovereign God has purposed to sometimes require persevering prayer as the means to accomplish His will.

    Topics: Perseverance, Prayer

To pray in the Holy Spirit simply means to lean upon His divine help as we pray.

    Topics: Prayer, Holy Spirit

Without prayer the study of Scripture can turn into a merely intellectual exercise. Prayer without Scripture will lack needed motivation and guidance.

    Topics: Prayer, Scripture

The discipline of time alone with God should not be looked at as another thing to put on your "to do" list. This attitude will only lead to resentment from the added pressure that it produces. It should be viewed as a gift from a gracious and kind God. He cares so much for you and me that He is not just interested in our accomplishments but also in shepherding our hearts.

    Topics: Prayer

Prayer is not attempting to get our will done in heaven but His will done on earth.

    Topics: Prayer

Prayer is helplessness plus faith.

    Topics: Prayer

It was a great breakthrough to realize that God was not necessarily leading me to pray for everything with equal intensity. To try to do so will kill a prayer life. To learn to let God set the agenda of our prayer life will resurrect it.

    Topics: Prayer

As we seek to obey the Spirit's guidance in prayer, let me tell you what will often happen - nothing! But sometimes "nothing" means that the Spirit desires to slow us down and lead us into silence. Our society is addicted to noise, and for that reason we are often insensitive to the Spirit of God.

    Topics: Prayer, Holy Spirit

A great emphasis in prayer is what God desires to do in us. He desires to get us under His loving authority, dependent on His Spirit, walking in the Light, motivated by His love, and living for His glory. The collective essence of these five truths is an abandonment of one's life to the Lord and a continual openness, dependence, and responsiveness to His loving control.

    Topics: Prayer

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