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D.L. Moody on Prayer

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Prayer is a serious thing. We may be taken at our words.
Spread out your petition before God, and then say, "Thy will, not mine, be done." The sweetest lesson I have learned in God's school is to let the Lord choose for me.
I firmly believe a great many prayers are not answered because we are not willing to forgive someone.
If we do not love one another, we certainly shall not have much power with God in prayer.
A man who prays much in private will make short prayers in public.

    Source: Christian History, n. 25.
I'd rather be able to pray than to be a great preacher; Jesus Christ never taught his disciples how to preach, but only how to pray.

    Source: Leadership, v. 1, n. 1.
Next to the wonder of seeing my Savior will be, I think, the wonder that I made so little use of the power of prayer.
Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant coming and asking. The way to trouble God is not to come at all.
We ought to see the face of God every morning before we see the face of man.
Careful for nothing, prayerful for everything, thankful for anything.
Prayer does not mean that I am to bring God down to my thoughts and my purposes, and bend his government according to my foolish, silly, and sometimes sinful notions. Prayer means that I am to be raised up into feeling, into union and design with him; that I am to enter into his counsel and carry out his purpose fully.
The Christian on his knees sees more than the philosopher on tiptoe. God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.
If you pray for bread and bring no basket to carry it, you prove the doubting spirit, which may be the only hindrance to the boon you ask.
The world knows little of the works wrought by prayer.
Let us pray, and as we pray, let us make room for Jesus in our hearts.
Unless the Spirit of God is with us, we cannot expect that our prayers will be answered.
Every one of our children will be brought into the ark, if we pray and work earnestly for them.
The impression that a praying mother leaves upon her children is life-long. Perhaps when you are dead and gone your prayer will be answered.

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