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Monastic vows rest on the false assumption that there is a special calling, a vocation, to which superior Christians are invited to observe the counsels of perfection while ordinary Christians fulfil only the commands; but there simply is no special religious vocation since the call of God comes to each at the common tasks.
Night and day I pondered until I saw the connection between the justice of God and the statement that 'the just shall live by his faith.' Then I grasped that the justice of God is that righteousness by which through grace and sheer mercy God justifies us through faith. Thereupon I felt myself to be reborn and to have gone through open doors into paradise.
Faith cannot be inherited or gained by being baptized into a Church. Faith is a matter between the individual and God.
Good works do not make a good man, but a good man does good works.
All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired.
Anyone who is to find Christ must first find the church. How could anyone know where Christ is and what faith is in him unless he knew where his believers are?
Be a sinner and sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.
Christian life consists in faith and charity.
Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
Faith is a living and unshakable confidence, a belief in the grace of God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.
Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by the things we do not see.
Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.
If he have faith, the believer cannot be restrained. He betrays himself. He breaks out. He confesses and teaches this gospel to the people at the risk of life itself.
Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.
Faith, like light, should always be simple and unbending; while love, like warmth, should beam forth on every side, and bend to every necessity of our brethren.

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