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Ann Coulter Quotes

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       Ann Coulter
       Ann Hart Coulter is an American constitutional attorney, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist. She frequently appears on television, radio, and as a speaker at public and private events. Well-known for her right-wing political opinions and the controversial ways in which she defends them, Coulter has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot" and, unlike "broadcasters," does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced."
       Coulter says that she holds Christian beliefs, and has declared that she is Presbyterian; she has mentioned that her father was Catholic while her mother was not. At one public lecture she said: "I don't care about anything else: Christ died for my sins and nothing else matters."

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Liberals are more upset when a tree is chopped down than when a child is aborted. Even if one rates an unborn child less than a full-blown person, doesn't the unborn child rate slightly higher than vegetation?

    Topics: Abortion

That's the America you live in! A country founded on a compact with God, forged from the idea that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights is now a country where taxpayers can be forced to subsidize "artistic" exhibits of aborted fetuses. But don't start thinking about putting up a Ten Commandments display.

    Topics: America, Rebellion

Although God believers don't need evolution to be false, atheists need evolution to be true.

    Topics: Atheism, Evolution

Christianity fuels everything I write. Being a Christian means that I am called upon to do battle against lies, injustice, cruelty, hypocrisy--you know, all the virtues in the church of liberalism. As St. Paul said, if Christ is not risen from the dead, then eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

    Topics: Christianity, Responsibility

There is no surer proof of Christ's divinity than that he is still so hated some two thousand years after his death.

    Topics: Christianity

Even if evolution were true, it wouldn't disprove God.

    Topics: Evolution

Liberals creation myth is Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which is one notch above Scientology in scientific rigor.

    Topics: Evolution

God has performed more spectacular feats than evolution.

    Topics: Evolution

Listening to liberals invoke the sanctity of "science" to promote their crackpot ideas creates the same uneasy feeling as listening to Bill Clinton cite Scripture.

    Topics: Evolution

No science is ever frightening to Christians. Religious people don't need the science to come out any particular way on IQ or AIDS or sex differences any more than they need the science to come out any particular way on evolution...If evolution is true, then God created evolution.

    Topics: Evolution

I would like evolution to join the roster of other discredited religions.

    Topics: Evolution, Religion

Liberal doctrines are less scientifically provable than the story of Noah's ark, but their belief system is taught as fact in government schools, while Biblical belief system is banned from government schools by law.

    Topics: Religion

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