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If I see aright, the cross of popular evangelicalism is not the cross of the New Testament. It is, rather, a new bright ornament upon the bosom of a self-assured and carnal Christianity. The old cross slew men, the new cross entertains them. The old cross condemned; the new cross amuses. The old cross destroyed confidence in the flesh; the new cross encourages it.

    Author: A.W. Tozer

Many Christians suffer because they're too busy seeking carnal knowledge instead of the Word of God.

    Author: Joyce Meyer

All too often the church holds up a mirror reflecting back the society around it, rather than a window revealing a different way.

    Author: Philip Yancey
    Source: What's So Amazing About Grace?

When God by circumstances of time and place doth call for moderation of carnal appetite, the transgression is more heinous and offensive unto God.

    Author: David Dickson

The tenets of [the Christian life] seem paradoxes to carnal men; as first, that a Christian is the only freeman, and other men are slaves; that he is the only rich man, though never so poor in the world; that he is the only beautiful man, though outwardly never so deformed; that he is the only happy man in the midst of all his miseries.

    Author: Richard Sibbes

If I walk with the world, I can't walk with God.

    Author: D.L. Moody

The tendency of the world is down - God's path is up.

    Author: D.L. Moody

All great amusements are dangerous to the Christian life; but among all those which the world has invented there is none more to be feared than the theatre.

    Author: Blaise Pascal
    Source: Pensees,1660.

The trouble with man-made novelties is that they don't produce the impressive results that are often advertised.

    Author: Jim Cymbala
    Source: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

A fleshly/carnal life will corrupt morals, weaken personal relationships, produce doubt about God and His Word, destroy prayer life and provide fertile ground for heresy.

    Author: John MacArthur

The Bible plainly teaches that God works in His people to keep them from habitually walking apart from Him. In a believer, a carnal or fleshly walk can only be temporary and partial. There is no such thing as a characteristically carnal Christian. That would be a contradiction in terms.

    Author: Tom Wells
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 22.

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