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       Tom Wells
       Tom Wells is a resident of West Chester, OH (Cincinnati area) where he has been a pastor of The King's Chapel for 28 years. He has spent his entire adult life in Christian ministry, including evangelistic work and various Bible teaching roles.
       He is the author of a number of books including A Vision for Missions, Christian, Take Heart, God is King, and Faith the Gift of God. In earlier years he was the regular speaker on several radio ministries originating in Cincinnati and Dallas, Texas. Pastor Wells has been married for 41 years and he and his wife, Luann, have three children.

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If I trust in Christ, I believe in the wisdom of His commands as well as in the sincerity of His promises. God does not command me to believe in this or that promise of Christ. No, He tells me I must believe in the Lord Jesus Himself.

    Topics: Believing
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 150.

The Bible plainly teaches that God works in His people to keep them from habitually walking apart from Him. In a believer, a carnal or fleshly walk can only be temporary and partial. There is no such thing as a characteristically carnal Christian. That would be a contradiction in terms.

    Topics: Carnality
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 22.

The New Covenant is the bond between God and man, established by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, under which all who have been effectively called to God in all ages have been formed into the one body of Christ in NT times, in order to come under His law during this age and to remain under His authority forever.

    Topics: Christianity, The Cross
    Source: New Covenant Theology, page 75-76

There is a direct line that runs from our doctrine to our actions, from what is in our minds to what is in our words and ways... The heart spills over into life. Thoughts of God, and of all else, erupt into acts. The filling of the heart with wise thoughts of God becomes the most important, the most practical, business in the world.

    Topics: Doctrine, The Heart
    Source: A Vision for Missions, p. 108-109.

Profession and possession [of faith] are not the same thing.

    Topics: Faith
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 44.

Growth in holiness will lead a man to see more and more of his own sinfulness.

    Topics: Holiness, Sin
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 88.

Men can see the greatest miracles and miss the glory of God. What generation was ever favored with miracles as Jesus' generations was? Yet that generation crucified the Son of God!

    Topics: Miracles
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 106.

Our songs are not the cause of our loss of the sense of God's greatness, though songs are surprisingly influential. No, our songs reflect this loss. Singing God-centered hymns is desirable, but more than that is needed. We sing what we feel, what we believe. When once we rediscover the greatness of God, we will sing it. Our song will echo our conviction.

    Topics: Music
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 105.

You must not think that the Lord must work harder to use people in little known places. You must not say, "Well, yes, I guess God could figure out a way to use even me where I am." "Aim at My glory," the Lord says, "and I am using you. Aim to please Me, and you are My minister, right where you are, in whatever you are doing!"

    Topics: Obedience
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 122.

He has told us to pray, 'Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven' (Matthew 6:10). And if we have ever prayed that prayer and meant it--even once--we have ourselves shut the door on thousands of things for which we might foolishly ask.

    Topics: Prayer, Obedience
    Source: A Vision for Missions, p. 30.

If I am content to go on in sin, I am an enemy, an adversary of God. Hell, not heaven, follows at the end of my life. I must not comfort myself in this state. I must repent!

    Topics: Rebellion, Repentance
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 90.

God is not at a loss when He moves to bring us back to Himself. He can woo or whip. He can draw or drive. He can work rapidly or slowly, as He pleases. In other words, He is free to be God! And in His own way, at His own pace, He brings us back.

    Topics: Restoration
    Source: Christian: Take Heart! 1987, p. 61.

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