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Humility is the proper estimate of oneself.

    Topics: Humility

In the midst of our triumphs, let us cry to God for humility.

    Topics: Humility

The best definition of humility I ever heard was this - to think rightly of ourselves.

    Topics: Humility

The higher a man is in grace. The lower he will be in his own esteem.

    Topics: Humility

To be laughted at is no great hardship to me. I can delight in scoffs and jeers Caricatures, lampoons, and slanders are my glory. But that you should turn from your own mercy, that is my sorrow. Spit on me, but, oh, repent! Laugh at me, but, oh, believe in my Master! Make my body as the dirt of the streets, but damn not your own souls!

    Topics: Humility
    Source: Sermons, 4.56.

Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Enemies

No one is so miserable as the poor person who maintains the appearance of wealth.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Wealth

Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Because there is one hypocrite, men set down all the rest the same. I heard one man say that he did not believe there was a true Christian living, because he had found so many hypocrites. I reminded him that there could be no hypocrites if there were no genuine Christians. No one would try to forge bank notes if there were no genuine ones.

    Topics: Hypocrisy
    Source: 1.171.

It is a terribly easy matter to be a minister of the gospel and a vile hypocrite at the same time.

    Topics: Hypocrisy
    Source: 52.483.

It is of no use for any of you to try to be soul-winners if you are not bearing fruit in your own lives. How can you serve the Lord with your lips if you do not serve Him with your lives? How can you preach His gospel with your tongues, when with hands, feet, and heart you are preaching the devil's gospel, and setting up an antichrist by your practical unholiness?

    Topics: Hypocrisy

The most likely man to go to hell is the man who has nothing to do on earth. Idle people tempt the devil to tempt them.

    Topics: Idleness

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