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Dale Ralph Davis Quotes

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       Dale Ralph Davis
       Dale Ralph Davis is the Teaching Pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is well known for his excellent Old Testament commentaries, and his book 'The Word Became Fresh: How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts'. He used to be the professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.

Our culture does not help us to smash our graven image of the casual god. Our culture proclaims that God must be the essence of tolerance; He is chummy rather than holy; the 'man upstairs' rather than my Father for Jesus' sake.

    Topics: God

So long as our novelty license plates declare that "God is my co-pilot' we can be sure that we have not yet seen the King, Yahweh of hosts.

    Topics: God
    Source: 1 Samuel, p. 67-68.

The difference between grace and works is the difference between worship and idolatry. The man inebriated with the thought that all he has is Yahweh's gift finds himself repeatedly on his knees, adoring, thanking, praising. But if we do not grasp grace we plummet into idolatry, for that is the inevitable corollary of self-sufficiency.

    Topics: Grace, Idolatry
    Source: 1 Samuel, p. 318.

Memory... keeps gratitude fresh and... gratitude keeps faith fruitful.

    Topics: Gratitude
    Source: 1 Samuel, p. 77.

God's ways will frequently baffle us but God's will is sufficiently clear to lead us in the meantime. God's ways may not be clear but our way is - at least enough of it to know what obedience requires.

    Topics: Obedience

Yahweh's will must be achieved in Yahweh's way; the end that God has ordained must be reached by the means that God approves.

    Topics: Obedience
    Source: 1 Samuel, Focus, 1988, p. 248.

Sometimes the clearest evidence that God has not deserted you is not that you are successfully past your trial but that you are still on your feet in the middle of it.

    Topics: Perseverance
    Source: 1 Samuel, Focus, 1988, p. 200.

Sometimes the Father may box us in, place us in a situation in which, one by one, all our secondary helps and supports are taken from us, in order that, defenseless, we may lean on His mercy alone - prayer. Once we see this, we will no longer regard prayer as a pious cop-out but as our only rational activity.

    Topics: Prayer, Mercy
    Source: 1 Samuel, 1 Samuel, p. 76.

We may wait for God's providence but we already have God's law, and that is all we need for the moment.

    Topics: Providence
    Source: 1 Samuel, p. 272.

When I use the word "providence"... I mean that wonderful, strange, mysterious, unguessable way Yahweh has of ruling His world and sustaining His people, and His doing it, frequently, over, under, around, through, or in spite of the most common stuff of our lives or even the bias of our wills.

    Topics: Providence
    Source: 1 Samuel, p. 94.

If we cannot comprehend we can perhaps apprehend, at least enough to adore.

    Topics: Worship
    Source: 1 Samuel, 1988, p. 162.

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