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Death Quotes

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God buries His workmen but carries on His work.

    Author: Charles Wesley

When the time comes for you to die, you need not be afraid, because death cannot separate you from God's love.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

Briars and thistles wither not so soon as lilies and roses. They may be taken out of the world, of whom the world is not worthy; and they remain behind, who are not worthy to live in the world.
- Christopher Love

    Author: Assorted Authors

For thirty years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelize.

    Author: David Livingstone
    Source: His epitaph

At the place of execution, he again said a short prayer and then climbed the steps to the gallows, brave and composed. His death ensued after a few seconds. In almost fifty years that I worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely submissive to the will of God.

    Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Source: Prison doctor witness to Bonhoeffer's death

Our piety must be weak and imperfect if it do not conquer the fear of death.

    Author: Francois Fenelon

How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset.

    Author: George Macdonald

Take care of your life and the Lord will take care of your death.

    Author: George Whitefield

There is one single fact which we may oppose to all the wit and argument of infidelity, namely, that no man ever repented of being a Christian on his death-bed.

    Author: Hannah More

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

    Author: Helen Keller

It is when a man has no one to love him that he commits suicide. So long as he has friends, those who love him and whom he loves, he will live, because to live is to love. Be it but the love of a dog, it will keep him in life; but let that go and he has no contact with life, no reason to live. He dies by his own hand.

    Author: Henry Drummond

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