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Francois Fenelon Quotes

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       Francois Fenelon
       Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon, more commonly known as Francois Fenelon, was a French Roman Catholic theologian, poet and writer. He today is remembered mostly as one of the main advocates of quietism and as the author of The Adventures of Telemachus, a scabrous attack on the French monarchy, first published in 1699.

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Little opportunities should be improved.

    Topics: Achievement

I believe that we are conforming to the divine order and the will of Providence when we are doing even indifferent things that belong to our condition.

    Topics: Achievement, Providence

Worry is the cross which we make for ourselves by overanxiety.

    Topics: Anxiety, The Cross

It is the misfortune of kings that they scarcely ever do the good they have a mind to do; and through surprise, and the insinuations of flatterers, they often do the mischief they never intended.

    Topics: Apathy

If all the crowns of Europe were placed at my disposal on condition that I should abandon my books and studies, I should spurn the crowns away and stand by the books.

    Topics: Books

If the riches of the Indies, or the crowns of all the kingdoms of Europe, were laid at my feet in exchange for my love of reading, I would spurn them all.

    Topics: Books, Finances

Nothing is more despicable than a professional talker who uses his words as a quack uses his remedies.

    Topics: Character

The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit.

    Topics: Character

Good taste rejects excessive nicety; it treats little things as little things, and is not hurt by them.

    Topics: Character, Hurt

Violent excitement exhausts the mind, and leaves it withered and sterile.

    Topics: Character

A man's style is nearly as much a part of himself as his face, or figure, or the throbbing of his pulse; in short, as any part of his being which is subjected to the action of his will.

    Topics: Character

Children are very nice observers, and will often perceive your slightest defects. In general, those who govern children, forgive nothing in them, but everything in themselves.

    Topics: Children, Hypocrisy

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