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Eternity Quotes

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When you live in the light of eternity, your values change.

    Author: Rick Warren

Don't let obstacles along the road to eternity shake your confidence in God's promise. The Holy Spirit is God's seal that you will arrive.

    Author: David Jeremiah

Time is given us to use in view of eternity.

    Author: Harry Ironside

We are so easily entangled in earthly affairs and so easily consumed with the desire for those things that do not last. We will not live on this earth forever, so even our trials should be viewed in the light of eternity.

    Author: Theodore Epp

I know what Eternity is, though I cannot define the word to satisfy a metaphysician. The little child taught by some grandmother Lois, in a cottage, knows what she means when she tells him "you will live forever," though both scholar and teacher would be puzzled to put it into other words.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

Transiency is stamped on all our possessions, occupations, and delights. We have the hunger for eternity in our souls, the thought of eternity in our hearts, the destination for eternity written on our inmost being, and the need to ally ourselves with eternity proclaimed by the most short-lived trifles of time. Either these things will be the blessing or the curse of our lives. Which do yon mean that they shall be for you?

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities.

    Author: Robert Murray McCheyne

God has set Eternity in our heart, and man's infinite capacity cannot be filled or satisfied with the things of time and sense.

    Author: F.B. Meyer
    Source: Our Daily Walk.

I judge all things only by the price they shall gain in eternity.

    Author: John Wesley

Wrath to come implies both the futurity and perpetuity of this wrath.... Yea, it is not only certainly future, but when it comes it will be abiding wrath, or wrath still coming. When millions of years and ages are past and gone, this will still be wrath to come. Ever coming as a river ever flowing.

    Author: John Flavel

There is always death at the end of your plan and life at the end of God's plan.

    Author: Rod Parsley

There's not a single thing on offer in this all-too-temporary world for which you should ever sell your soul.

    Author: Alan Keyes

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