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Faith must have adequate evidence, else it is mere superstition.

    Author: A.A. Hodge

It is in the deepest darkness of the starless midnight that men learn how to hold on to the hidden Hand most tightly and how that Hand holds them; that He sees where we do not, and knows the way He takes; and though the way be to us a roundabout way, it is the right way.

    Author: A.T. Pierson

By faith we are taken into Christ, made at once safe from holy wrath against sin, and kept safe from all perils and penalties. He, our divine Redeemer, becomes to us the new sphere of harmony and unity with God and His law, with His life and His holiness.

    Author: A.T. Pierson

Like the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the miraculous birth of our Savior, the truth of election must be received with simple, unquestioning faith.

    Author: A.W. Pink

True faith rests upon the character of God and asks no further proof than the moral perfections of the One who cannot lie. It is enough that God has said it.

    Author: A.W. Tozer

Every science in a certain degree starts from faith, and, on the contrary, faith, which does not lead to science, is mistaken faith or superstition, but real, genuine faith it is not.

    Author: Abraham Kuyper

Faith holds the promise in one hand, and Christ in the other.

    Author: Thomas Watson

Faith is seated in the understanding, as well as the will. It has an eye to see Christ, as well as a wing to fly to Christ.

    Author: Thomas Watson
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Faith is full of good works. It believes as if it did not work, and it works as if it did not believe.

    Author: Thomas Watson
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

Faith, which is trust, and fear are opposite poles. If a man has the one, he can scarcely have the other in vigorous operation. He that has his trust set upon God does not need to dread anything except the weakening or the paralyzing of that trust.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren
    Source: The Heath in the Desert and the Tree by the River, Jeremiah 17:6, 8.

The true confidence which is faith in Christ, and the true diffidence which is utter distrust of myself--are identical.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

If life has not made you by God's grace, through faith, holy--think you, will death without faith do it? The cold waters of that narrow stream are no purifying bath in which you may wash and be clean. No! no! as you go down into them, you will come up from them.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

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