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Forgiveness Quotes

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I feel like God has forgiven me of so much, that I will forgive everyone who has hurt us.

    Author: Jim Bakker

God's forgiveness is the only thing. And, well, I take full responsibility for the adultery. It was my fault and, you know, no matter what went on, the man has to take responsibility; and I do.

    Author: Jim Bakker

What has to be forgiven is not just what we do but who we are, not just our sinning but our sinfulness, not just our choices but what we have chosen in place of God.

    Author: David F. Wells

I know for me, going back the person I've bad-mouthed or lied to is absolutely humiliating! But isn't it interesting that "humiliating" has the same root word as "humility"? Part of humility is taking responsibility for my sin and asking forgiveness even when it doesn't feel good. God wants to heal and restore your relationships, but it's not easy.

    Author: Chip Ingram

God forgets your confessed sins; so should you.

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

Forgiveness on the part of God always has a judicial basis, not an emotional basis, and represents an attitude of God based upon the satisfaction of His righteousness in some way.

    Author: John F. Walvoord

As long as you live on earth, you won't see the end of injustices. Yet God desires for you to let go of injustices and hold on to His grace. Only He can give you the power to forgive those who have hurt you the deepest.

    Author: Paul Chappell

The voice of sin is loud, but the voice of forgiveness is louder.

    Author: D.L. Moody

The Bible says forgive your debtors; the world says "sue them for their dough."

    Author: Billy Sunday

I believe that as often as I transgress, God is more ready to forgive me than I am ready to offend.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon

You are nothing better than deceitful hypocrites if you harbor in your minds a single unforgiving thought. There are some sins which may be in the heart, and yet you may be saved. But you cannot be saved unless you are forgiving. If we do not choose to forgive, we choose to be damned.

    Author: Charles Spurgeon
    Source: Sermons, 13.718.

It is vain for us to pray while conscious that we have injured another. Let us first make amends to the injured one before we dare approach God at either the private or the public altar.

    Author: Jonathan Goforth

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