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Woodrow Kroll Quotes

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       Woodrow Kroll
       Woodrow Michael Kroll is the president and Bible teacher for the international Back to the Bible radio and television ministry. He is a former president of Davis College (formerly Practical Bible College) in Johnson City, New York, United States. In addition to preaching and teaching, Woodrow Kroll is a prolific writer, having authored more than 50 books expounding on the Bible and Christian living.
       Woodrow Kroll began his ministry as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Middleboro, Massachusetts (1968-1970). He then taught at Practical Bible Training School (now Davis College) 1971-1973. From 1975 to 1980, he chaired the Division of Religion at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. On January 17, 1981, Woodrow Kroll was inaugurated as president of Practical Bible Training School, also teaching Bible and preaching while serving as president.
       During Kroll's presidency, the school obtained accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) and the American Association of Bible Colleges (AABC, now the Association for Biblical Higher Education). He also developed the administration, curriculum, and much of the school's structure as it exists today, now as Davis College. Dr. Kroll resigned on April 27, 1990, to assume the leadership of the Back to the Bible organization.

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What you can't go through, God will help you fly over.

    Topics: Achievement

When adultery walks in, everything worth having walks out.

    Topics: Adultery

Treat the elderly as a nonrenewable resource; they care!

    Topics: Age

God has no place for undercover agents.

    Topics: Apathy

Not to decide is to decide.

    Topics: Apathy

An attitude can murder just as easily as an ax.

    Topics: Attitude, Murder

Nothing is so sour that it can't be sweetened by a good attitude.

    Topics: Attitude

The best way to avoid going downhill is to stay off the slope.

    Topics: Backsliding

Beauty without virtue is like a flower without fragrance.

    Topics: Beauty, Virtue

Believe in the Bible or you'll believe anything.

    Topics: Believing, The Bible

A bitter spirit will keep you from being a better person.

    Topics: Bitterness

When the root is bitterness, imagine what the fruit might be.

    Topics: Bitterness

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