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Let a man begin with an earnest "I ought," and if he perseveres, by God's grace he will end in the free blessedness of "I will." Let him force himself to abound in small acts of duty, and he will, by and by, find them the joyous habit of his soul.

    Topics: Perseverance, Joy

Pray till prayer makes you forget your own wish, and leave it or merge it in God's will.

    Topics: Prayer

The Divine wisdom has given us prayer, not as a means whereby to obtain the good things of earth, but as a means whereby we learn to do without them; not as a means whereby we escape evil, but as a means whereby we become strong to meet it.

    Topics: Prayer

The office of poetry is not to make us think accurately, but feel truly.

    Topics: Reasoning

Our higher feelings move our animal nature; and our animal nature, irritated, may call back a semblance of those emotions; but the whole difference between nobleness and baseness lies in the question, whether the feeling begins from below or above.

    Topics: Reasoning, Nature, Feelings

Imagination ennobles appetites which in themselves are low, and spiritualizes acts which, else, are only animal. But the pleasures which begin in the senses only sensualize.

    Topics: Reasoning

Remorse is the consciousness of doing wrong with no sense of love; penitence the same consciousness with the feeling of sorrow and tenderness added.

    Topics: Repentance

Every natural longing has its natural satisfaction. If we thirst, God has created liquids to gratify thirst. If we are susceptible of attachment, there are beings to gratify that love. If we thirst for life and love eternal, it is likely that there are an eternal life and an eternal love to satisfy that craving.

    Topics: Salvation, Eternal Life

The humblest occupation has in it materials of discipline for the highest heaven.

    Topics: Service, Discipline

On earth we have nothing to do with success or its results, but only being true to God and for God; for it is sincerity and not success which is the sweet savor before God.

    Topics: Success

However dark and profitless, however painful and weary, existence may have become, life is not done, and our Christian character is not won, so long as God has anything left for us to suffer, or anything left for us to do.

    Topics: Suffering, Service

Never does a man know the force that is in him till some mighty affection or grief has humanized the soul.

    Topics: Suffering, Grief

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