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Friendship Quotes

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All my friends are but one, but He is all sufficient.

    Author: William Carey

A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.

    Author: William Penn

In matters of equity between man and man, our Saviour has taught us to put my neighbor in place of myself, and myself in place of my neighbor.

    Author: Isaac Watts

Four of the Ten Commandments deal with our relationship to God while the other six deal with our relationships with people. But all ten are about relationships.

    Author: Rick Warren

There is a brotherhood within the body of believers, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the common denominator. Friendship and fellowship are the legal tender among believers.

    Author: J. Vernon McGee

Whenever you face obstacles, crises and dilemmas and your confidence is in your associates more than in God--it is a sign your faith is deteriorating.

    Author: T.D. Jakes

I not only have my secrets, I am my secrets. And you are yours. Our secrets are human secrets, and our trusting each other enough to share them with each other has much to do with the secret of what it means to be human.

    Author: Frederick Buechner

It's less the words they say than those they leave unsaid that split old friends apart.

    Author: Frederick Buechner

He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.

    Author: Abraham Kuyper

It was the saying of a heathen though no heathenish saying, "That he who would be good, must either have a faithful friend to instruct him, or a watchful enemy to correct him.

    Author: William Secker
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

How often we say about our earthly friends, "I really would like to have a good quiet settled talk with them so that I can really get to know them." And shouldn't we feel the same about our Heavenly Friend, that we may really get to know Him? These thoughts have taught me the importance of the children of God taking time to commune daily with their Father, so that they may get to know His mind and to understand better what His will is.

    Author: Hannah Whitall Smith

Many a friendship - long, loyal, and self-sacrificing - rested at first upon no thicker a foundation than a kind word.

    Author: Frederick W. Faber

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