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Most true is it that what costs little is worth little! A religion which costs us nothing, and consist in nothing but hearing sermons, will always prove at last to be a useless thing.

    Topics: Perseverance
    Source: Commentary, Matthew 7.

To be prayerless is to be without God, without Christ, without grace, without hope, and without heaven.

    Topics: Prayer

A man's state before God may always be measured by his prayers.

    Topics: Prayer

No time is so well spent in every day as that which we spend upon our knees.

    Topics: Prayer

We must wrestle earnestly in prayer, like men contending with a deadly enemy for life.

    Topics: Prayer, Enemies

No prayers can be heard which do not come from a forgiving heart.

    Topics: Prayer, Forgiveness, The Heart

Jesus hears us, and in His own good time will give an answer... He may sometimes keep us long waiting...but He will never send us empty away.

    Topics: Prayer
    Source: Commentary, Matthew 15.

Pride comes from not knowing yourself and the world. The older you grow, and the more you see, the less reason you will find for being proud. Ignorance and inexperience are the pedestal of pride; once the pedestal is removed - pride will soon come down.

    Topics: Pride, Ignorance
    Source: Thoughts for Young Men.

Let us watch against pride in every shape - pride of intellect, pride of wealth, pride in our own goodness, pride in our own deserts. Nothing is so likely to keep a man out of heaven, and prevent him seeing Christ, as pride. So long as we think we are something, we shall never be saved.

    Topics: Pride

Nothing whatever, whether great or small, can happen to a believer, without God's ordering and permission. There is no such thing as "chance," "luck" or "accident" in the Christian's journey through this world. All is arranged and appointed by God. And all things are "working together" for the believer's good.

    Topics: Providence

Be very sure of this - people never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it too well; they understand that it condemns their own behavior; they understand that it witnesses against their own sins, and summons them to judgment. They try to believe it is false and useless, because they don't like to believe it is true.

    Topics: Rebellion
    Source: Thoughts for Young Men

But depend on it, bad company in this life, is the sure way to procure worse company in the life to come.

    Topics: Relationships
    Source: Thoughts for Young Men.

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