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James H. Aughey Quotes

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It is a high, solemn, almost awful thought for every individual man, that his earthly influence, which has a commencement, will never, through all ages, have an end.

    Topics: Life, Eternity

Let not the stream of your life be a murmuring stream.

    Topics: Life

Lost time is never found again.

    Topics: Life, Time

There are many seasons in a man's life - and the more exalted and responsible his position, the more frequently do these season's recur - when the voice of duty and the dictates of feeling are opposed to each other; and it is only the weak and the wicked who yield that obedience to the selfish impulses of the heart which is due to reason and honor.

    Topics: Life, Selfishness

Sensual pleasures are like soap-bubbles, sparkling, evanescent. The pleasures of intellect are calm, beautiful, sublime, ever enduring and climbing upward to the borders of the unseen world.

    Topics: Lust, Beauty

As every mercy is a drop obtained from the ocean of God's goodness, so every affliction is a drachm weighed out in the wisdom of God's providence.

    Topics: Mercy, Affliction, Providence

The most generous and merciful in judgment upon the faults of others, are always the most free from faults themselves.

    Topics: Mercy

No books are so legible as the lives of men; no character so plain as their moral conduct.

    Topics: Morality, Men

God's corrections are our instructions; His lashes our lessons, and His scourges our schoolmasters.

    Topics: Obedience, Education

Jesus organized the church, which is His vineyard. He commands all to go into the vineyard and work. All who are united to Christ by faith, and are thus members of His mystical body, should be members of His visible church.

    Topics: Obedience, Service, Unity

Do daily and hourly your duty; do it patiently and thoroughly. Do it as it presents itself; do it at the moment, and let it be its own reward. Never mind whether it is known and acknowledged or not, but do not fail to do it.

    Topics: Patience, Service, Faithful

Great things are not accomplished by idle dreams, but by years of patient study.

    Topics: Patience

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