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John Calvin Quotes

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If we believe heaven to be our country, it is better for us to transmit our wealth thither, than to retain it here, where we may lose it by a sudden removal.

    Topics: Heaven, Wealth

As Christ is the end of the Law and the Gospel and has within Himself all the treasures of wisdom and understanding, so also is He the mark at which all heretics aim and direct their arrows.

    Topics: Heresy

There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.

    Topics: Holy Spirit, Self-confidence

The word hope I take for faith; and indeed hope is nothing else but the constancy of faith.

    Topics: Hope, Faith

Man is never sufficiently touched and affected by the awareness of his lowly state until he has compared himself with God's majesty.

    Topics: Humility
    Source: Institutes, 1, 1, 3.

They who prematurely put themselves forward to root out whatever is displeasing to them overthrow the judgment of God and rashly intrude upon the office of angels.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy can plunge the mind of a man into a dark abyss, when he believes his own self-flattery instead of God's verdict.

    Topics: Hypocrisy, Self-esteem

The human heart has so many crannies where vanity hides, so many holes where falsehood lurks, is so decked out with deceiving hypocrisy, that it often dupes itself.

    Topics: Hypocrisy
    Source: A Calvin Treasury. Christianity Today, v. 37, n. 4.

The one who judges according to the word and law of the Lord, and forms his judgments by the rule of charity, always begins with subjecting himself to examination, and preserves a proper medium and order in his judgments.

    Topics: Judging

It is entirely by the intervention of Christ's righteousness that we obtain justification before God. This is equivalent to saying that man is not just in himself, but that the righteousness of Christ is communicated to him by imputation, while he is strictly deserving of punishment.

    Topics: Justification

Justification is the main hinge on which salvation turns.

    Topics: Justification

The moment any mention is made of Christian liberty lust begins to boil, or insane commotions arise, if a speedy restraint is not laid on those licentious spirits by whom the best things are perverted into the worst.

    Topics: Liberty

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