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Self-confidence Quotes

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       CHRISTIAN QUOTES ON Self-confidence. Part of a large selection of Christian quotes and sayings in a variety of topics by famous people, authors, theologians, pastors, preachers, teachers, and other notable Christians.

Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of our self-confidence.

    Author: Francois Fenelon

There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.

    Author: John Calvin

The Church always fails at the point of self-confidence.

    Author: Samuel Chadwick

The Christian dare not entertain the slightest self-confidence, self-satisfaction or self-joy, as though he could trust his flesh.

    Author: Watchman Nee

The self-confidence of a Christian is nothing but trusting in his wisdom, thinking he knows every teaching of the Scriptures and how to serve God.

    Author: Watchman Nee

Those who follow the Lord must be brought to the place of no confidence in the flesh. They must confess they can originate no good idea and must admit they possess no power to fulfill the Holy Spirit's work.

    Author: Watchman Nee

Just as the sinner's despair of any hope from himself is the first prerequisite of a sound conversion, so the loss of all confidence in himself is the first essential in the believer's growth in grace.

    Author: A.W. Pink

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. To these I commit my day.

    Author: Max Lucado

If I see aright, the cross of popular evangelicalism is not the cross of the New Testament. It is, rather, a new bright ornament upon the bosom of a self-assured and carnal Christianity. The old cross slew men, the new cross entertains them. The old cross condemned; the new cross amuses. The old cross destroyed confidence in the flesh; the new cross encourages it.

    Author: A.W. Tozer

Self-confidence is either a petty pride in our own narrowness, or the realization of our duty and privilege as God's children.

    Author: Phillips Brooks

A humble person is more likely to be self confident... a person with real humility knows how much they are loved.

    Author: Cornelius Plantinga

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