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John R. Rice Quotes

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People go wrong in their fellowships before they go wrong in their doctrine.

    Topics: Fellowship, Doctrine

If you were enough like God, some one wouldn't like you.

    Topics: Godliness

When boiled down to its essence, unforgiveness is hatred.

    Topics: Hatred

Those who go to Heaven ride on a pass and enter into blessings that they never earned, but all who go to hell pay their own way.

    Topics: Heaven, Hell

So, I tell you, it is foolish to expect the infinite God to place the dynamite of Heaven in the careless hands of a Christian who does not know the travail of soul that Christ had, and has not entered into the burden for sinners and the sense of shame over sin.

    Topics: Heaven

Multitudes of people who expect to go to Heaven will go to a Hell of torment. Thousands of "good" people, "moral" people, church members, even church workers - yes, and, alas, even prophets, priests and preachers - will find themselves lost when they expected to be saved, condemned when they expected approval, cast out of Heaven when they expected to be received into eternal bliss. That is the explicit meaning of the words of our Lord...[spoken in Matthew 7:21-23.]

    Topics: Heaven, Hell

Human art and science are employed to make lust appealing, to make drinking popular, to present the world's ungodly standard of morals as the ideal for the young and unsuspecting youth who sees the films. I find that every indictment I made against the movie industry and the theater six years ago (1932) is still true.

    Topics: Immorality

The movies spend so many millions of dollars in publicity that no great medium of expression or opinion in America remains uncontrolled.

    Topics: Immorality

This world loses its appeal when the steps become tottering, when the hearing becomes dim, when the faded eyes cannot see as they once did. When loved ones are nearly all gone on ahead, then all the riches or fame or pleasures of this world are baubles and trash.

    Topics: Life

Sex appeal alone is the poorest basis in the world for a happy marriage.

    Topics: Marriage

After one is right with God and pleases God, the next most important thing in all the world is to be right with one's own father and mother.

    Topics: Parents

To keep the faith, run with the right crowd.

    Topics: Perseverance

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