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Infidelity and Faith look both through the same perspective-glass, but at contrary ends. Infidelity looks through the wrong end of the glass; and, therefore, sees those objects near which are afar off, and makes great things little, diminishing the greatest spiritual blessings, and removing far from us threatened evils. Faith looks at the right end, and brings the blessings that are far off close to our eye, and multiplies God's mercies, which, in the distance, lost their greatness.

    Topics: Faith

He that taketh his own cares upon himself loads himself in vain with an uneasy burden. I will cast all my cares on God; he hath bidden me; they cannot burden him.

    Topics: Faith

It is no small commendation to manage a little well. To live well in abundance is the praise of the estate, not of the person. I will study more how to give a good account of my little, than how to make it more.

    Topics: Finances

Means without God cannot help. God without means can, and often doth. I will use good means, but not rest in them.

    Topics: Finances

The godly man contrarily is afraid of nothing; not of God, because he knows Him his best friend, and will not hurt him; not of Satan, because he cannot hurt him; not of afflictions, because he knows they come from a loving God, and end in his good; not of the creatures, since "the very stones in the field are in league with Him;" not of himself, since his conscience is at peace.

    Topics: Godliness, Fear

An evil man is clay to God, and wax to the devil; a good man is God's wax, and Satan's clay.

    Topics: Good and Evil

Neutrality in things good or evil is both odious and prejudicial, but in matters of an indifferent nature, is safe and commendable.

    Topics: Good and Evil

There would not be so many open mouths if there were not so many open ears.

    Topics: Gossip

For every bad there might be a worse; and when one breaks his leg let him be thankful it was not his neck.

    Topics: Gratitude

Heaven hath many tongues to talk of it, more eyes to behold it, but few hearts that rightly affect it.

    Topics: Heaven, The Heart

Emulation, in the sense of a laudable amoition, is founded on humility, for it implies that we have a low opinion of our present, and think it necessary to advance and make improvement.

    Topics: Humility, Examples

No devil is so dangerous as the religious devil.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

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