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A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words.

    Author: Phillips Brooks

It does not take great men to do great things; it only takes consecrated men.

    Author: Phillips Brooks

A man with God is always in the majority.

    Author: John Knox

The most critical need of the church at this moment is men, bold men, free men. The church must seek, in prayer and much humility, the coming again of men made of the stuff of which prophets and martyrs are made.

    Author: A.W. Tozer

Here is the manliness of manhood that a man has a good reason for what he does, and has a will in doing it.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

The really great man is the man who makes every man feel great.

    Author: G.K. Chesterton

A man all wrapped up in himself makes a pretty small package.

    Author: Woodrow Kroll

Man's greatest need is to need.

    Author: Jack Hyles

A man's main business is God; a woman's main business is the man.

    Author: Jack Hyles

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