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Obedience Quotes

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A child of God, though he cannot serve the Lord perfectly, yet he serves him willingly; his will is in the law of the Lord; he is not a pressed soldier, but a volunteer. By the beating of this pulse we may judge whether there be spiritual life in us or no.

    Author: Thomas Watson

Be not only attentive in hearing, but retentive after hearing.

    Author: Thomas Watson
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

The root of all steadfastness is in consecration to God.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

We are only asking you to give to Christ that which you give to others, to transfer the old emotions, the blessed emotions, the exercise of which makes gladness in the life here below, to transfer them to Him, and to rest safe in the Lord. Faith is trust.

    Author: Alexander MacLaren

God has no more precious gift to a church or an age than a man who lives as an embodiment of his will, and inspires those around him with the faith of what grace can do.

    Author: Andrew Murray

It is Christ who is to be exalted, not our feelings. We will know Him by obedience, not by emotions. Our love will be shown by obedience, not by how good we feel about God at a given moment. "And love means following the commands of God." "Do you love Me?" Jesus asked Peter. "Feed My lambs." He was not asking, "How do you feel about Me?" for love is not a feeling. He was asking for action.

    Author: Elisabeth Elliot
    Source: Discipline - The Glad Surrender, Revell, 1982

The proximate result of obedience to God is inward conformity to the Divine image.

    Author: Charles Hodge
    Source: Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, Eerdmans, 1955

It is our duty to look to God's commands, and not to His decrees; to our own duty, and not to His purposes. The decrees of God are a vast ocean, into which many possibly have curiously pried to their own horror and despair; but few or none have ever pried into them to their own profit and satisfaction.

    Author: Thomas Boston

A passion for God isn't necessarily the same as abiding in God; it must be coupled with obedience to be true love for God.

    Author: Ed Cole

A ton of prayer will not produce what an ounce of obedience will.

    Author: Ed Cole

Partial obedience is not obedience at all; to single out easy things that do not oppose our lusts, which are not against our reputation, therein some will do more than they need; but our obedience must be universal to all God's commandments, and that because He commands it. Empty relationships are nothing; if we profess ourselves God's servants and do not honour Him by our obedience, we take but an empty title.

    Author: Richard Sibbes

When the voice of Christ speaks through the Word, then you will arise, and leave all, and follow Him.

    Author: Robert Murray McCheyne
    Source: Comfort and Sorrow

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