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Owen Feltham Quotes

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       Owen Feltham
       Owen Feltham was an English writer, author of a book entitled Resolves, Divine, Moral, and Political (c. 1620), containing 146 short essays. It had great popularity in its day. Though sometimes stiff and affected in style, it contains many sound, if not original or brilliant, reflections, and occasional felicities of expression. Feltham was for a time in the household of the Earl of Thomond as chaplain or sec., and published (1652), Brief Character of the Low Countries.

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Negligence is the rust of the soul, that corrodes through all her best resolves.

    Topics: Apathy

A talkative fellow may be compared to an unbraced drum, which beats a wise man out of his wits. Loquacity is ever running, and almost incurable.

    Topics: Character

He hath a poor spirit who is not planted above petty wrongs.

    Topics: Character

He who would be singular in his apparel had need have something superlative to balance that affectation.

    Topics: Character

I love the man that is modestly valiant, that stirs not till he most needs, and then to purpose. A continued patience I commend not.

    Topics: Character, Modesty

It is not fit that every man should travel; it makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.

    Topics: Character, Foolishness

Laughter should dimple the cheek, not furrow the brow. A jest should be such that all shall be able to join in the laugh which it occasions; but if it bears hard upon one of the company, like the crack of a string, it makes a stop in the music.

    Topics: Character, Laughter

Men are like wine; not good before the lees of clownishness be settled.

    Topics: Character, Men

Some are so uncharitable as to think all women bad, and others are so credulous as to believe they are all good. All will grant her corporeal frame more wonderful and more beautiful than man's. And can we think God would put a worse soul into her better body?

    Topics: Character, Beauty, Women

The true boundary of man is moderation. When once we pass that pale, our guardian angel quits his charge of us.

    Topics: Character, Angels

We make ourselves more injuries than are offered to us; they many times pass for wrongs in our own thoughts, that were never meant so by the heart of him that speaketh. The apprehension of wrong hurts more than the sharpest part of the wrong done.

    Topics: Character, Hurt

Zeal without humanity is like a ship without a rudder, liable to be stranded at any moment.

    Topics: Character, Zeal

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