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The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed up in these two-common sense and perseverance.

    Topics: Perseverance

Praise has different effects, according to the mind it meets with; it makes a wise man modest, but a fool more arrogant, turning his weak brain giddy.

    Topics: Praise, Foolishness, Modesty

A sentence well couched takes both the sense and the understanding. I love not those cart-rope speeches that are longer than the memory of man can measure.

    Topics: Reasoning

Prevention is the best bridle.

    Topics: Reasoning

All men will be Peters in their bragging tongue, and most men will be Peters in their base denial; but few men will be Peters in their quick repentance.

    Topics: Repentance, The Tongue, Men

He that despairs degrades the Deity, and seems to intimate that He is insufficient, or not just to his word; in vain hath he read the Scriptures, the world, and man.

    Topics: Scripture

Irresolution is a worse vice than rashness. He that shoots best may sometimes miss the mark; but he that shoots not at all can never hit it. Irresolution loosens all the joints of a state; like an ague, it shakes not this nor that limb, but all the body is at once in a fit. The irresolute man is lifted from one place to another; so hatcheth nothing, but addles all his actions.

    Topics: Stubbornness

By gambling we lose both our time and treasure, two things most precious to the life of man.

    Topics: Virtue

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