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Persecution Quotes

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Such was the Inquisition, declared by the Spirit of God to be at once the offspring and the image of the popedom.

    Author: John Foxe

The emperor Domitian, who was naturally inclined to cruelty, first slew his brother, and then raised the second persecution against the Christians.

    Author: John Foxe

But, though persecuting malice raged, yet the Gospel shone with resplendent brightness; and, firm as an impregnable rock, withstood the attacks of its boisterous enemies with success.

    Author: John Foxe

Be of good comfort, Master Ridley, play the man! We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grave, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
- Hugh Latimer

    Author: Assorted Authors
    Source: Words Hugh Latimer to Nicholas Ridley as they were burned at the stake in Oxford.

Against the persecution of a tyrant the godly have no remedy but prayer.

    Author: John Calvin

If a Christian is not having tribulation in the world, there's something wrong!

    Author: Leonard Ravenhill

Seducers are more dangerous enemies to the church than persecutors.

    Author: Matthew Henry

And while God had work for Paul, he found him friends both in court and prison. Let persecutors send saints to prison, God can provide a keeper for their turn.

    Author: William Gurnall

Lord, open the king of England's eyes.

    Author: William Tyndale
    Source: Tyndale's final words.

For if God be on our side, what matter maketh it who be against us, be they bishops, cardinals, popes, or whatsoever names they will?

    Author: William Tyndale

Persecution is one way to drive believers away and create a carnal comfort zone.

    Author: John Hagee

Religion will cost us the tears of repentance and the blood of persecution.

    Author: Thomas Watson
    Source: The Beatitudes: Persecution

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