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John Hagee Quotes

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       John Hagee
       Pastor John Hagee is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a nondenominational, evangelical church with more than 19,000 active members.
       He is also the founder of John Hagee Ministries which broadcast the Gospel in America and over 200 countries around the globe through radio and television.
       After actively supporting Israel and the Jewish people for more than 28 years, Pastor Hagee recently established Christians United for Israel, which provides a national association through which every pro--Israel church, para-church organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to biblical issues. Over 146,000 members are currently part of Christians United for Israel.
       He has authored 25 major books ranging in topics from prophecy, marriage, family, biblical business principles and Israel. His most current writings are Financial Armageddon and Life's Challenges-Your Opportunities published by Strang Publications.
       Pastor Hagee and his wife Diana have five married children and eight grandchildren.

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A pure heart won't get us out of conflict and controversy. It may well be the very thing that gets us into it.

    Topics: Adversity, The Heart

Agnostics cannot understand Christ for the same reason a thief find a policeman--they don't want to.

    Topics: Atheism

We can create as magnificent an environment as we like, but unless we change the heart it's all a waste of time.

    Topics: Character, Change, The Heart

God never alters the robe of righteousness to fit the man. Rather He alters the man to fit the robe.

    Topics: Character, Righteousness, Conversion

The fundamental principle of Christianity is to be what God is, and he is light.

    Topics: Christianity, Light

The vital Christian arouses opposition because he is a standing rebuke to the selfishness and sin of those around him.

    Topics: Christians

We are indeed the light of the world--but only if our switch is turned on.

    Topics: Christians, Light

A church can be unified in one of two ways. You can freeze together, as the Church of the Frozen Chosen; or you can melt together with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

    Topics: Church, Fire

The church today is riddled with fad doctrines and new sounds that distract from the clear message of the Great commission in the New Testament. Any message that attracts you which does not bring glory to Christ is the message of a seducing spirit and the man giving it is in deception.

    Topics: Church, Heresy, Doctrine

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit a New Testament church service? I imagine it would be a far cry from our stately sanctuaries with their crystal chandeliers and misty-mauve carpets.

    Topics: Church

In the heart of every man lurks a sense of inner wrongness and a conscience that will not be silenced.

    Topics: Conscience, The Heart

I've graduated from three universities, and I can tell you that some of the dumbest people on earth are hiding out there.

    Topics: Education

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