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People would never begin to pray if they could not ask for earthly things like riches and health and honours; He says to Himself: If they ask for such things the desire for something better will awaken in them, and finally they will only care about the higher things.

    Author: Sadhu Sundar Singh

There is a beauty bestowed in some degree on all God's saints who pray much which is of the same nature and is the most precious of all answers to prayer. Character flows from the well-spring of prayer.

    Author: James Stalker

Where two or three are met together, the prayer of one strikes fire from the soul of another; and the latter in his turn leads the way to nobler heights of devotion. And lo! as their joy increases, there is One in their midst whom they all recognize and cling to. He was there before, but it is only when their hearts begin to burn that they recognize Him; and in a true sense they may be said to bring Him there.

    Author: James Stalker

None do seek the Lord so earnestly, but they have need of stirring up to seek him more earnestly; neither have any attained to such a measure of communion with God, but they have need to seek for a further measure.

    Author: David Dickson

That which begins not with prayer, seldom winds up with comfort.

    Author: John Flavel
    Source: A Puritan Golden Treasury

And when you can't do nothing else - pray.

    Author: Rod Parsley

Prayer is asking; the answer to prayer is receiving.

    Author: John R. Rice

According to the Bible, a genuine answer to prayer is getting what you ask for.

    Author: John R. Rice

Prayer worth calling prayer, prayer that God will call true prayer and will treat as true prayer, takes for more time by the clock than one man in a thousand thinks.

    Author: Alexander Whyte

The greatest and best talent that God gives to any man or woman in this world is the talent of prayer.

    Author: Alexander Whyte

I am as certain as I am standing here, that the secret of much mischief to our own souls, and to the souls of others, lies in the way that we stint, and starve, and scamp our prayers, by hurrying over them.

    Author: Alexander Whyte

Prayer is the only way to amend your life: and without prayer, it will never be mended.

    Author: Alexander Whyte

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