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I cannot preach on hell unless I preach with tears.

    Author: D.L. Moody

I'd rather be able to pray than to be a great preacher; Jesus Christ never taught his disciples how to preach, but only how to pray.

    Author: D.L. Moody
    Source: Leadership, v. 1, n. 1.

Other men may preach the gospel better than I, but no man can preach a better gospel.

    Author: George Whitefield

A sermon is not like a Chinese firecracker to be fired off for the noise it makes. It is a hunter's gun, and at every discharge he should look to see his game fall.

    Author: Henry Ward Beecher

(The Puritans believed in) the supreme importance of preaching. To the Puritans, the sermon was the liturgical climax of public worship. Nothing, they said, honours God more than the faithful declaration and obedient hearing of His truth. Preaching, under any circumstances, is an act of worship, and must be performed as such. Moreover, preaching is the prime means of grace to the church.

    Author: J.I. Packer
    Source: A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan View of the Christian Life, Crossway, 1990, p. 281.

Doctrinal preaching certainly bores the hypocrites; but it is only doctrinal preaching that will save Christ's sheep.

    Author: J.I. Packer

Underlying the preaching of the Puritans are three basic axioms: 1. The unique place of preaching is to convert, feed and sustain, 2. The life of the preacher must radiate the reality of what he preaches, 3. Prayer and solid Bible study are basic to effective preaching.

    Author: J.I. Packer
    Source: Puritan Preaching, Reformation Today, 68.

We complain today that ministers do not know how to preach; but is it not equally true that our congregations do not know how to hear?

    Author: J.I. Packer

I have never once feared the devil, but I tremble every time I enter the pulpit.

    Author: John Knox

And seldom if ever do I leave the pulpit without a sense of partial failure, a mood of penitence, a cry to God for forgiveness, and a resolve to look to Him for grace to do better in the future.

    Author: John Stott

We preachers cannot expect to communicate verbally from the pulpit if we visually out of it contradict ourselves.

    Author: John Stott
    Source: Between Two Worlds, Eerdmans, 1882, p. 78.

Word and worship belong indissolubly to each other. All worship is an intelligent and loving response to the revelation of God, because it is the adoration of His name. Therefore, acceptable worship is impossible without preaching. For preaching is making known the name of the Lord, and worship is praising the name of the Lord made known.

    Author: John Stott
    Source: Between Two Worlds, Eerdmans, 1992, p. 82-83.

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