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Ralph Erskine Quotes

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It is a great sin to think any sin little; but it is a greater sin to think the righteousness of Christ is not above all sin.

    Topics: Sin
    Source: And Walking in Him, Opened

The least sin is unpardonable without this obedience and righteousness of Christ; and the greatest is pardonable by it.

    Topics: Sin, Obedience
    Source: And Walking in Him, Opened

It is possible for you to do all things through Christ strengthening you, even to overleap the highest walls, to break bows of steel in pieces, and wade through the deepest fords in your way.

    Topics: Strength

The law breaks the hard heart, but the gospel melts it. A stone duly broken, may be still a hard stone; but the gospel melts.

    Topics: The Gospel

If your former refusals of Christ have not yet been malicious and deceitful, but rather temerarious and inadvertent, which though a grievous sin, yet not unpardonable: and now, since Christ does not yet exclude you from the gospel offer, why will you exclude yourselves?

    Topics: The Gospel

Here is a cord of love let down, and the upper end of it is fastened to Christ's heart, and the lower end of it hanging down the length of your hearts. And, O! shall not Christ's heart and yours be knit together this day. Here is a cord to bind His heart to your heart, and your heart to His heart.

    Topics: The Heart

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