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Ralph Erskine Quotes

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       Ralph Erskine
       Ralph Erskine was the brother of another prominent churchman, Ebenezer Erskine. After studying at the University of Edinburgh, Ralph was ordained assistant minister at Dunfermline in 1711. He ratified the protests which his brother laid on the table of the assembly after being rebuked for his synod sermon, but he did not formally withdraw from the establishment till 1737.
       He was also present at, though not a member of, the first meeting of the "associate presbytery". When the severance took place over the oath administered to burgesses, he adhered, along with his brother, to the burgher section.
       His works consist of sermons, poetical paraphrases and gospel sonnets. The Gospel Sonnets have frequently appeared separately. His Life and Diary, edited by the Rev. D Fraser, was published in 1842.

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I suppose many do not understand themselves, when they say they want assurance; for what better assurance would you have than the word of God? If you have his word, and take his word, you need no better assurance.

    Topics: Assurance
    Source: Faith's Plea Upon God's Word

And though the assurance of sense be the sweetest, yet the assurance of faith is the surest assurance; for what you get in hand from God you may soon lose the benefit and comfort of it; but what you have upon bond in the promise, is still secure.

    Topics: Assurance
    Source: Faith's Plea Upon God's Word

Faith, without trouble or fighting, is a suspicious faith; for true faith is a fighting, wrestling faith.

    Topics: Faith
    Source: The Giving Love of Christ and the Receiving Property of Faith

Faith in a hearer relates to faithfulness in a speaker, and credits the word spoken.

    Topics: Faith
    Source: The Giving Love of Christ and the Receiving Property of Faith

Faith acts upon Christ for justification, as he is a Jesus, or by receiving him as a Jesus; faith acts upon Christ for sanctification, as he is a Lord, or by receiving him as Lord.

    Topics: Faith, Justification, Sanctification
    Source: The Giving Love of Christ and the Receiving Property of Faith

His purpose of grace in saving some does not say that he is willing to destroy any; it only says that, as he is not willing that any should perish, so he is resolved that all shall not get leave to destroy themselves; as all would do, if he did not catch hold of some, and pluck them as brands out of the burning fire, and his doing so says that none are destroyed by him, unless they destroy themselves.

    Topics: Grace

The hypocrite's joy destroys his sorrow; his faith and false confidence destroys and excludes his repentance; his fear destroys his love; and his pretended love to God destroys his fear of him.

    Topics: Hypocrisy

God's justice indeed must be satisfied; and there is no way in the world to give satisfaction to God, but by believing in Christ.

    Topics: Justice

If you look at God with the eye of the lawyer, the least sin makes you ineligible for mercy; but if you look at him in Christ, or with an evangelical eye, the greatest sinner may receive mercy; yes, the sense of unworthiness makes a man the more receptive.

    Topics: Mercy

Our disobedience is the disobedience of man; but Christ's obedience is the obedience of God: therefore, our believing in Christ doth please God better than if we had continued in innocency, and never sinned.

    Topics: Obedience
    Source: And Walking in Him, Opened

It is a proud spirit, that will not let grace be exalted, but puts self, in the throne of Christ, and his righteousness. It is a filthy and abominable spirit, and pollutes the man more and more: and God abhors it, as that which contradicts his most glorious plot.

    Topics: Pride
    Source: Law-Death, Gospel-Life

Legal obedience hath the evil of blasphemy in it. It reproaches the righteousness of Christ, as if it were not sufficient, as if his atonement were not perfect, as if his satisfaction were not full, as if his obedience were not perfect, unless it be patched up with the rags of man's own righteousness.

    Topics: Self-righteousness
    Source: Law-Death, Gospel-Life

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